KE blames tripping for breakdown

July 8, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: K-Electric, the power entity details that at around 2AM, power supply from 12 out of 64 grid stations stalled due to tripping at the KDA Auto-transformer causing a breakdown in some parts of the city.

According to the KE spokesperson, the supply of power was interrupted due to tripping on the auto-transformer, causing a breakdown in North Nazimabad, FB Area, Azizabad, Nazimabad, Johar, Malir and its surrounding areas. As soon as the fault occurred, KE engineers and KE Rapid Response team worked rigorously for the restoration of the tripped transformer in order to continue supply of power for its valued customers. KE utilized all its resources in order to fix all network issues and enable it to function in the usual manner.

The KE says all the network issues were resolved within a couple of hours and electricity supply resumed to the affected parts.