KE load shedding killing Karachiites: Pasban

June 23, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has strongly condemned the K-Electric (KE) for cruel load shedding that is killings Karachiites and demanded to lodge a murder FIR against the KE owners and officers.

According to details, Pasban e Pakistan held a big protest rally in front of the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Wednesday in which a large number of people took part. Carrying banners, black flags and balloons they raised slogans against the KE and KWSB and demanded of the government to take action against them. They dubbed the KE as killer of Karachiites and demanded legal action against it. They also condemned KWSB for artificial water shortage in the city.

Addressing the demo, Altaf Shakoor said due to the cruel load shedding of KE more than 1100 Karachiites have lost their lives due to heatstroke and a FIR under section 302 CrPc should be lodged against the KE owners and officers.

He said the present production capacity of the KE is 2300 megawatts. The KE is also getting 650 megawatts from the federal government at the rate of Rs6.33 per unit, which it is selling on heavy profiteering. If these 2950 megawatts electricity is supplied to Karachi, there would be zero load shedding in Karachi.

However, the KE against its capacity of 2300-MW is only producing 900 megawatts from gas and furnace oil and killing Karachiites through its cruel load shedding in this hot summer. Therefore the CEO, directors of operation, transmission and distribution of KE should be arrested by DG FIA Shahid Hayyat under section 307/203 and murder cases lodged against them.

He said the NEPRA has given license to the KE to produce 2300 megawatts but it is only producing 900 megawatts. Hence the officers of KE are directly involved in the grave crime of killing people of Karachi through their cruel load shedding in this very warm weather and they should be arrested and taken to the task.

He said instead of taking action against the KE and compelling it to produce 2300MW power as per its license agreement, a huge Rs20bn subsidy is allocated for the KE in the budget of 2015. There is a target of getting profit of Rs18billion for KE owners through bogus billing. He reminded that in the year 2014 Rs12billion were earned at the cost of poor people. The KE is producing 74percent electricity from gas and its cost if Rs5.34 per unit but it is being sold at average rate of Rs20 per unit, which is profiteering. He said government takes action against a pushcart seller for profiteering of a few rupees, but the shoddy corporations are allowed to earn billions of rupees with impunity from same profiteering method.

He charged the KE is directly responsible for heatstroke deaths in Karachi. Had the KE produced 2300 megawatt electricity, more than 1100 families in Karachi were not mourning the deaths of their near and dear ones today.

Altaf Shakoor said the federal minister of state Abid Sher Ali has said that KE is responsible for the killings in Karachi, but still no action is taken against it. His statement to take over the KE is just eyewash and tantamount to rub salt into the wounds of Karachiites. He said now the federal minister for water and power Khuwaja Asif says that there is no plan to take over the KE. The contradictory statement of the two federal ministers shows there is lack of vision and policy for electricity at the federal level.

He said instead of issuing hollow statements the NEPRA Fine Rules 2002 and NEPRA Act 1997 should be implemented and cases lodged against the KE. He said the letter written by the Commissioner Karachi is a farce as it does not compels the KE to produce 2300 megawatts.

He said the main reason of HT/LT line faults is changing copper wires of the city with silver cables. The KE illegally changed the copper wires with weak silver cables. There is not capacitor electric force at any place in the city to control HT service. Had the KE upgraded its system the deaths of more than 1100 Karachiites would have been averted. He said the hollow speeches in the national and Sindh assemblies are not a solution to KE problem.

Altaf Shakoor demanded of the NEPRA to cancel license of KE, it should be taken over by the government and restored as KESC. He also demanded from the government to order inquiry against KWSB and water tanker mafia who are stealing water of residential areas and selling it illegally.