KU holds conference on tolerance

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KARACHI: Experts at a moot laid stress on importance of tolerance in a multicultural society and highlighted that intolerance is more dangerous for national integration and development of the country.

The conference on the “the role of tolerance in a multicultural society was organized by the Faculty of Arts, University of Karachi (UoK), in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Qaisar Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi, stressed the need for promoting tolerance among various sections of society, especially school and college students.

“Though people will respect the fundamental right of other citizens in an ideal society, there should be zero tolerance for intolerance on religious and ethnic basis as well,” he said.

Pakistan is a multicultural and multilingual society, and tolerance should be the key element in peoples’ lives to live it cheerfully. Conflicts among various sections of society be resolved and people need to be practical as far as tolerance is concerned, the experts said.

They said: “Although, people have divided themselves in communities or groups, they have their own interests and wish to overrule others. Therefore, the government has the responsibility to promote tolerance among various sections of society. It requires to increase the literacy rate in the country because education is mandatory to change the mindset of people, the speakers were of the view.”

Dr Jaffar Ahmed, Director, Pakistan Study Centre, delivered a lecture on the nature and challenges of intolerance in a multicultural society.

He mentioned that the menace of intolerance is more dangerous for national integration and development of the country. Because causes behind intolerance are rooted in our socio-political history and policy decision as well. Thus, it is needed to regain equality of citizens in the eye of law, deweaponisation of society, and for this, healthy curricula formulation is also necessary.

Dr Shakeel Auj, Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies, highlighted the religious aspects of tolerance as there is no compulsion in religion and negligible concept of offensive wars. Since Quranic verses spread the message of love, peace and fraternity.

Dr Barnedtte, VM Institute of Education, Karachi, discussed the role of education in creating a tolerant society. Dr Fateh M Burfat, Prof Department of Sociology, Dr Durriya Qazi, In-charge, Visual Studies Department, Dr M Waseem, Prof Political Science, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Babar Ayaz, and Dr Farhan H Siddiqi, Assistant Prof Department of International Relations also spoke.

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