KU pays rich tributes to 1965 war martyrs

September 6, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The whole world was stunned by the miraculous victory of Pakistan in 1965 war on ground, naval and air fronts over India. India resorted to an unprovoked attack but the heroics of our soldiers and army men turned the tables.

These views were expressed by Col (retd) Dr. Altaf Tahir while addressing at the 50th anniversary of Defence Day at University of Karachi.

A large number of faculty members, dignitaries and students were preset including Acting VC Prof Dr Ghazala Rizwani, Registrar Prof. Dr. Moazzam Ali Khan, Dean Social Sciences Prof Dr Moonis Ahmar and Dean Science Prof Dr Naimatullah Khan.

Dr Altaf Tahir further added that when people start living their lives according to the principles laid by the Almighty, Allah, they do not fail to succeed in this world as well as the other world.

He said martyrdom is a great title and achievement and this thing became a great motivational factor for the army men in winning the 1965 war. As a soldier I must say that Pakistan is not only my country but also my great belief. Enemy is six times bigger than us but afraid of our faith and belief, he added.

He said the passion of the Pakistani soldiers in 1965 war could be resembled with the passionate Sahabas of Ghazwa-e-Badar as in both the cases, the enemy was many times bigger but the Islamic ideology enabled the Muslim soldiers to outnumber and oust the enemy within its ranks.

Martyrdom is the passion of Pakistani army men and its commendable to observe that the nation has a deep regard and trust on the armed forces.

Dr Ghazala Rizwani said that the motive of organizing this program is to make aware the students with this reality that how the Indian forces cowardly attacked Pakistan and our little in number but highly efficient forces deterred so magnificently that they brutally defeated India in the Battle of tanks at Chawanda Sector and destroyed many Indian fighter jets moreover captured Indian Territory as well. Heroics and achievements Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed and MM Alam are still remembered and will be forever InshaAllah, she added.

Dr Moonis Ahmar said that 1965 war cleared three things that were Unity, integrity and bravery which ultimately turned the tables and only 60,000 Pakistani soldiers outnumbered Indian 1,00,000 Indian army men. The speech of Ayub Khan also changed the whole scenario and motivated the whole nation and the armed forces. The real defence is now in the hands of our young generation that of they focus on academic growth and excel in their respective fields, this would be a greater service for Pakistan.

“I cannot forget the 1965 war, the whole nation was united and we need to reunite again in order to counter internal and external threats. Rule of Law, good governance and strengthening of state’s economy will prove to be a key towards country’s development.”