Labor leaders blame KE for heat-related deaths

June 23, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Leaders of K-Electric Labour Union CBA and People’s Workers Union on Wednesday said that K-Electric is directly responsible for deaths of more than 750 people in Karachi.

In a press conference held at Karachi Press Club, K-Electric Labour Union Chairman Mohammad Ikhlaq Khan said due to unbridled corruption, mismanagement, people face harsh load shedding in this very hot season. He said the privatization of KESC was the basic mistake of the government of that time. He said at that time the labors had fully opposed the idea and raised their voice against it. He said before the privatization this institute had been run on basic common interests but later it started showing poor performance.

He said copper is known as solid conductor of electricity but after the privatization of KESC costly copper wires were change with cheap aluminum wires which are considered as least effective conductor. These inferior wires cause frequent tripping of feeders. He said huge money was illegally made by the company with change of copper wires.

Talking on current situation of power outage, He said the K-Electric has started such plants which were closed from long time but due to its negligence administration and inexperienced workers the department goes in the darkness. He said this department is run on the basis of profit and loss. He said K-Electric had retrenched 7000 its permanent employees in the tenure of Pakistan People’s Party and appointing others on contract basis.

People’s Workers Union General Secretary Latif Mughal said K-Electric is directly responsible for the death of more than 750 people in Karachi. He said after the privatization of KESCthe whole city has been paralyzed. He demanded of provincial government to lodged FIRs against K-Electric owners.

President K-Electric Labour Union Usman said people face prolonged electricity outages despite paying full bills. He said so many times they have contacted the federal and provincial governments over the issue of KESC privatization and negligence of KE but both governments showed lack of interest as these rulers were directly responsible for the privatization.

They demanded that the KE should be renationalized for giving relief to the citizens of Karachi.