Lahore made another Frankfurt, Karachi on way to become Moenjo Daro

December 6, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Lahore has been made a modern city like a new Frankfurt while Karachi is becoming a new Moenjo Daro due to negligence of rulers, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Monday.

Addressing to a Pasban general worker convention, he asked is Karachi a step-daughter that is being punished with changing its true mandate. He said the results obtained with the help of “stamp mafia” could never damp their struggle and spirit to serve the Karachiites. He asked should now we seek the help of United Nations to conduct free and fair elections in Karachi. Are the election commission and other related departments so inefficient that they could not safeguard the real mandate of people. He asked when this injustice would end. He said that the stamp mafia could never get the basic rights and facilities for Karachiites. He said those coming in power in result of a ‘deal’ could beg alms but cannot snatch the rights for people. He asked when the doors of real progress and prosperity of Karachi would open.

Shakoor said the political parties ruling the Karachi city government in past did never give the people of this mega city their due rights. He said the city still faces the problems of public transport, Nadra’s injustices, cruelties of Karachi-Electric (KE) including fake and overbilling and a serious shortage of water. He said they would continue to raise voice for getting these chronic issued resolved. He regretted that now the Karachiites would have to brave yet another term of injustice as a punishment of letting their mandate robbed, silently.

On the occasion, the participants of convention warmly welcomed the Pasban candidates who got vote of people from different union councils of Karachi and congratulated them for their brave effort.

On the occasion, Dr Akmal Waheed, Pasban senior vice president Tariq Jameel, Aftabuddin Qureshi, Abdul Hakim Quaid, Rambel Khan, Shaikh Shakeel, Sardar Zulfiqar, Ghulam Haider, Mohammad Sannan, Mama Mohammad Abbas and other leaders were present.