Larkana braces for possible flood threat

July 20, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Larkana: LARKANA: Flood water will probably enter Larkana district within next three to four days.

The position of various Bunds over Indus shows that Northern Dadu Division maintain & holds administrative control of 86 miles of 1st line and 62 miles of second line of defense of River Bund on right side of River Indus.In Shikarpur, Ruk Loop Bund is vulnerable point. In Larkana, Moria Loop Bund is most vulnerable point along with Agani-Akil Loop Bund and & Akil Loop Bund. These Bunds protect Barrage command area of Dadu Canal, Rice Canal, number of big & small villages, towns, cities, railway line, Indus highway, branch & link roads, government as well as private properties located in Sukkur, Shikarpur and Larkana districts.

According to Flood Contingency Plan prepared & issued by the Sindh Irrigation Department in 2014, to control on right side, Sukkur-Larkana (SL) Bund and Larkana-Sehwan (LS) Bund were constructed as River flows in meandering, hence the flow pattern in river is like English alphabet letter “S”, having series of curves. The curve on its concave side always remains in active erosion action and on convex side it deposits the over suspended load carried from erosion portion as well as present in water suspension. The scouring & hitting action of Indus water has damaged and wiped away the different portions of SL & LS Bunds resulting in formation of new front line bunds and second line of defense bunds.

Low flood is always estimated by the Irrigation Department, Sindh, up to 3.5 lac cusecs, medium flood from 3.5 to 5 lac cusecs, high flood from 5 to 7 lac cusecs, very high flood from 7 to 9 lac cusecs and super flood from 9 lac cusecs and above. Due to arrival of current flood water all low lying katcha areas will be inundated for which the Larkana District Administration has issued warning today to the people living there to vacate the areas immediately and shift to safer places.