Law does not allow whisking away of citizens: Justice Wajihuddin

July 20, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed on Tuesday expressed grave concern over the whisking away of Pasban leader Usman Moazzam and his sons, saying the law and constitution do not allow the missing of citizens.

He said there is no permission of such activities in the law and constitution as citizens are detained without any reason. He said all the institutions are bound to follow the law of land. He said if the law enforcing agencies are given a free hand, considering the prevailing situation in Karachi, even then it does not mean giving them a free hand for the extra-judicial actions.

He said in Balochistan, hatred was fanned due to such extra-judicial activities and now the situation there is improving after such actions are stopped. He said if some person is accused for doing something illegal, then he should be presented before the court.

He suggested that law enforcing agencies should not use such tactics that could be used politically against them and result in excesses and harm the evenhandedness and transparency of the law enforcers.

Naib Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Asadullah Bhutto said Usman Moazzam had laid a lot of sacrifices for the peace of Karachi and fought terrorism bravely. He said the raid on rangers on the residence of Pasban general secretary and his arrest along with his son is intriguing. He said Pasban is a peaceful party serving the people from the day one. He demanded immediate release of Usman Moazzam and his sons.

Jamait Ulema e Islam Sindh chapter president Qari Usman strongly condemned the raid on the house of Usman Moazzam and his arrest along with his son. He said the ongoing operation in Karachi is in the interest of the Karachiites. However, the arrest of innocent people and illegal raids on their houses are against the law, Islam and Sharia.

Karachi Bar Council President Naeem Qureshi condemned the incident. He said courts are working in the country and they should have been consulted in such matters. He said the missing of Saad Siddiqui, son of Usman Moazzam on June 11 and the raid on the residence of Usman Moazzam on the night between July20-21 and his arrest along with his son is very sad.

Senior columnist Ibrahim Azmi Advocate also strongly condemned the arrest of Usman Moazzam and his son after a midnight raid on their house. He said as per the constitution of Pakistan if any person is arrested he should be presented before a court within 24 hours. He said this action is against the constitution of Pakistan.