LCCI chief calls for innovative methods for power generation

July 8, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Lahore: Conventional methods of power generation would not be able to fulfill our growing energy demand in days to come. We have to find new ways to get sufficient power to run our trade and industry which is facing severe energy crisis since long.

While talking to a group of exporters, the LCCI President Ijaz A. Mumtaz said that with the passage of time, our energy demand would grow rapidly therefore we have to plan today for our future and utilize our all resources for power generation.

Ijaz A. Mumtaz said we have to promote alternate energy resources as reliance on the conventional resources like thermal is one of the biggest reasons of energy crisis.

“A developing country like Pakistan cannot afford electricity produced through oil. Fuels like coal, gas, atomic will have to be developed and developed quickly in addition to build big dams.”

LCCI President said that bio energy is a versatile source that can be used to overcome electricity challenge besides making a considerable contribution to climate change phenomenon.

He said that biomass energy has the potential convert a wide variety of wastes into clean energy besides being substitution for diminishing global oil supplies.

Ijaz A. Mumtaz said that bio energy can play a very vital role in production of carbon-neutral fuels of high quality. It can address many environmental issues, especially global warming and greenhouse gases emissions, and foster sustainable development among poor communities. Biomass fuel sources are readily available in rural and urban areas of all countries.

He said that we all are aware of the present challenges to our economy and especially the menace widely caused due to severe energy crisis. He said that it is indeed a matter of concern for us that our gas reserves are depleting with the passage of time. Be it domestic or industrial users all have to face shortage of gas in winter season. Even the generation of electricity through gas has to put on halt in this period that further aggravates the situation.

The LCCI President said that we desperately need some good alternatives and viable solutions in this connection. A wide range of biomass resources, particularly woody biomass and organic waste is available in Pakistan in abundance, so some serious efforts are required to be made to establish necessary modalities to commercialize it at a mega scale.

Ijaz A. Mumtaz stressed to need of special training sessions for the guidance of technical people with the latest trends in new alternative technologies and to increase their efficiency. He said that leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars should be bring together at one place to come up with a joint strategy to make best use of this technology.

He said that the desired results of our efforts can be doubled or even more if the government’s support remains available to us in implementing the research findings and replicating the successful models related to Bio-Energy from modern world.

The LCCI president also called for early construction of Kalabagh Dam to control devastating floods, poverty and hunger. He lamented that country has not build big dam since over four decades while more than 35 million acre feet water is being wasted to sea without any use. This water should be stored and used for irrigation and power generation.