LG polls: Extension demanded in nomination form deadline

October 3, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan, a political party registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan has demanded to extend the last date of filing nomination papers for upcoming local bodies’ elections in Karachi at least by one week.

Pasban Karachi LB Polls Committee member Sardar Zulfiqar in a statement here Sunday said a period of just five days is not enough for the candidates of local bodies’ elections from the mega city of Karachi, having population of more than 20million people, so that the deadline of filing the nomination papers should be extended by at least one week.

He further said as the Sindh local bodies’ ordinance and rules and regulations for these elections are in English language, many candidates are facing problem in understanding them. He said these laws and rules should be translated into Urdu language as per the instructions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and provided to them candidates immediately.

He said Pasban is fielding its candidates from all six districts of Karachi, as it believes that local bodies could provide the grassroots leadership to this mega city, capable of solving immense problems of this city. He reiterated his demand to extend the last date of filing of nomination papers at least by a week.