Local, foreign experts to be consulted to combat disasters

October 27, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Sindh Finance Advisor Murad Ali Shah said on Tuesday the provincial government was doing its best to secure Karachi from natural disasters. Experts from local universities and abroad would be consulted to make efforts of the relevant departments effective in this regard.

He said while addressing Consultation Workshop on Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment of Karachi as a chief guest. The workshop was organized by Commissioner Office Karachi in cooperation with World Bank at a local hotel.

Shah said the government would fully act upon the recommendations made by the workshop. “Construction companies should be made responsible to make earthquake-proof buildings and the rules of keeping buildings secure from earthquake should not be disobeyed. At the same time it is important to make standard operating procedure (SOP) for implementation of rules to secure region from earthquake.”

Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui said it was a symbol of every live nation to prepare itself to combat any kind of disaster. Commissioner Office was doing its best to spread awareness regarding natural disaster safety in cooperation with educational institutes, PIA, Civil Defence and other organizations.

“It is a coincidence that such kind of workshop is organized at the same time when the nation is confronting the looming threat of cyclone in the region,” he said.

Siddiqui appreciated WB, the government of Sindh and other people to organize such event in which life-saving measures were mulled and said it deserved highly heavenly reward as Almighty Allah (SWT) Himself has said: “Saving one life is like saving the whole humanity.”

He said though Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Karachi Development Authority and other development organisations had made several very important studies regarding securing Karachi from natural disasters but unfortunately they were shelved without taking much benefit from them.

“A group comprising experts from universities, development and other relevant organizations should be formed to make Karachi safe from natural disasters. Who would review the old and new studies and make it futuristic,” he said.

Several experts and representatives on the occasion presented recommendations regarding safety from natural disasters. They said to save the city from any disaster it was important that a comprehensive geographical information system and disaster management plan should be devised.

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