Major hospitals face acute shortage of life-saving drugs

September 29, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The shortage of medicines have further deepened in government hospitals in Sindh due to non-clearance of contractors and suppliers bill, putting thousands of lives at stake.

The last year stock of medicines has already ended in hospitals but authorities do not feel their due responsibility to do the needful in this regard.

Reliable sources in Sindh health department on condition of anonymity said there were acute shortage of medicines in Civil Hospital Karachi, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Sindh Government Liaquatabad Hospital, Korangi, New Karachi, Saudabad, Ibrahim Haidery Hospital and Lyari General Hospital due to non-supply of medicines.

They said stock of medicines have almost ended in these healthcares and there were acute shortage of antibiotic medicines in hospitals. “Account General Sindh had not cleared bills of contractors worth of millions of rupees and contractors had stopped the supply, they explained.”

They said crises like situation emerged in public hospitals due to non-supply of life-saving drugs to these healthcares. The finance department Sindh could not transfer money to AG Sindh yet. The health department Sindh had written a letter to AG Sindh but the bills of contractors and suppliers could not be cleared yet as a result, dozens of routine operations and provision of medicines had been stopped to patients in these public healthcares.

“Now there were acute shortage of medicines in hospitals and visiting patients have been compelled to buy medicines from medicinal stores,” they added. The patients were being asked by doctors to buy medicines from private medical stores as these medicines were not available in hospitals pharmacy.

An administrative official CHK confirmed that there was acute shortage of life-saving medicines in hospitals since last six months, leaving no option for patients but to buy medicine from private medical stores. He said only few medicines were available in stock, while there was acute shortage of antibiotic medicines in healthcare.

Secretary General, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Center Mirza Ali Azhar said incompetent health department officials could not devise any plan and policy to overcome medicines shortage in public healthcares despite the passage of several months.

Medical Superintendent of CHK Prof Mohammad Saeed Qureshi was not available for comment.

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