Malevolent bureaucracy still to give traffic cops Rs80mn reward money

December 6, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Long delay in distribution of reward money among Karachi Traffic Police has increased unrest among traffic police officials and constables who have been waiting to get it since 2007.

As many as Rs 80 million as reward money will be distributed among five thousand officials and constables from Karachi Traffic Police Department, Karachi Licence Department and Traffic Training Institute, an official revealed.

According to an official, it was the amount of reward money for Karachi Traffic Police on fifteen percent on imposed challans against traffic law violators in the city which had been blocked since 2007 for indeterminate reasons but after taking notice by Supreme Court of Pakistan, the amount was released in October 2015 to Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Gulam Haider Jamali but it could not be distributed yet.

Traffic Police official who requested not to disclose his name, revealed to PPI that the new lists have been prepared by Karachi Traffic Police Department which will be sent to the committee formed by IGP for ensuring transparency while distribution of the said amount among traffic cops.

He said the token money will be given to all those officials and cops who even retired or transferred from Karachi since 2007.

The amount will be given yearly basis in one go and if any official or constables had performed his duty only three months then they could get token money for six months as per the new procedure of distributing token money.

An official said that the Traffic Police DIG Dr Amir Ahmed Shaikh had not been included in the committee who member for distribution of the amount among traffic officials and cops who was the part of the distribution process before it.