Maulana Sherani-Newsmen

March 31, 2015 Off By Web Desk

SANJAVI: West for the sake of its hegemony was creating disturbances in Muslim countries to pitch them against each other.

This was stated by Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani while speaking to newsmen here Wednesday.

Opposition leader in Balochistan Assembly Maulana Abdul Wasay, former provincial Minister Ainullah Shams, former minister Nawaz Khan Kakar and others were also present.

He said West was pitching Muslims with each other to change maps of Muslim states so that they are weakened and internationally hollowed.

Answering a question Maulana Sherani said after creation of Pakistan whatever decisions rulers took they proved detrimental instead of benefitting the country. He said America has become king of the world and imposed war on Muslims only. He said purpose of formation of NATO was to end influence of former Soviet Union in the region. After withdrawal from Afghanistan in1989 Soviet Union was disintegrated and thus objective of NATO also ended. But he added in 2002 new targets were set by NATO in Brussels.

He said fourth World War would continue for 100 and 200 years. Shia and Sunnis were being pitched against each other in war in Yemen. Then Sunni would be made fight with Wahabi and shias so that Islam is maligned.

He said it is duty of Ulema to make people understand it is not jihad but fasad and secret agencies were involved in it. He aid these were agencies which have deteriorated situation in Balochistan and Pakistan.

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