Medical board to examine ‘sick’ pilots

October 5, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Taking notice of simultaneous sickness of 21 PIA pilots and co-pilots, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has constituted a medical board to examine their medical and psychological condition to ascertain professional viability.

These include Capt. Abdul Matin Bhurgari, Capt. Aurangzeb Hashmat Khan, Capt. Jarrar Zafar, Capt. Syed Ahsan Abbas Zaidi, Capt. Salahuddin Jamal, Capt. Mohammad Aman Durrani, Capt. Khurram Mughal, Capt. Nadeem Musawwar, Omer Rashid, First Officer Usman Hayat Malik, First Officer Irtiza Ali, First Officer Usman Rafique Chatha, First Officer Zaibunnisa, First Officer Kamran Khan, First Officer Asad Ilyas, First Officer Shahryar Ahmed Dogar, First Officer Ali Ahmed Saeed, First Officer Sabir ur Rehman, First Officer Taha Harris Anjum, First Officer Asim Zia and First Officer Zohaib Ahmed Sheikh.

The medical board would also examine how 21 individuals fell ill at the same time immediately after PALPA announced its “Go Slow” policy, resulting in unforeseen flight delays inflicting losses on the national flag carrier and causing inconvenience to the passengers.

They have been given three different dates to appear before the Medical Board i.e. the 8th, 12th and 19th of October allowing them to appear in three groups so the flight schedule is not affected.