Milli Yakjehti Council

October 17, 2015 Off By Web Desk

QEUTTA: Leaders and Ulema included in Milli Yakjehti Council while expressing pledge for promotion of religious tolerance and harmony during Muharramul Haram have said any conspiracy to flare religious hatred would be foiled.

They expressed these views while addressing ‘Mazhabi Rawadari and Amn’ conference (religious tolerance and Peace conference) here Sunday.

Conference was presided over by newly elected Amir Jamaat Islami Balochistan Abdul Haq Hashmi.

Chief of JUP and President Milli Yakjehti council Sahibzada Dr Abdul Khair Zuber attended the conference by special invitation.

A joint communiqué was issued on t he occasion. It said that due to non implementation of law problems about Blasphemy were developing. If this law was abolished then several Mumtaz Qadri would born. They said Ulema should deeply look into decision about Mumtaz Qadri. It is clear stand of MYC no one should be allowed to take law into one’s hand. If law is abide then incidents like Mumtaz Qadri would not take place. There exist strict laws about Jesus Christ disgrace in a country like Great Britain. Even criticism on Queen is a crime. With this background, how one can declare blasphemy law as black law. Loud speak acts is against religious freedom. Ban on loud speaker and its wrong use is conspiracy to foil National Action Plan. Administration was misusing this law. Zarb Azb and National Action Plan is fully supported. It has improved law and order in the country particularly Sindh and Balochistan. There is need it should be completed and actions against mosques, madaris and peace loving Ulema should be stopped. There are black sheep in the admonition which are aimed at to foil this operation. Action should be taken against them.

Joint communiqué said Imam Hussain (RA) are for all of us and all are on one page in this connection. Some terrorist elements using this occasion for religious hatred and we would foil it through our unity and solidarity.

It said usury and capital system is an exploitative system which usurps economic freedom he masses. We have our own economic system we should enforce it. Recent decision about interest cannot be accepted rather it is contrary to constitution. We respect courts because these give justice. Government should take notice of this decision and approach the court again.

Communiqué said Muharram give us message of peace and brotherhood.