Minister chairs meeting on Dengue prevention programme

September 17, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Minister of State Barrister Usman Ibrahim of Capital Administration & Development Division chaired a meeting regarding the Dengue Prevention Program Islamabad at CADD on Thursday.

Dengue prevention program started about three years ago in 2011 in twin cities, CADD, ICT, DHO, CDA, PIMS and FGPC are involved in this program.

The total budget of this program was Rs. 31 million and it ended this year in June. The new PC I has been formed to initiate the new program for this year. This meeting was to review the program and its implementation this year.

Minister of State commended the efforts of PIMS, FGPC, ICT and CDA who have done a great job in past few months, and it is due to their stupendous dedication that only 1 patient out of 7 reported of dengue has been confirmed so far in FGPC unlike last year’s high number.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi should be considered one unit in fighting against dengue, said the State Minister. He added that all the government departments are working against the dengue and they are doing very well, and we can easily overcome this disease with only a good coordination among the relevant departments like CADD, CDA, and ICT etc. CADD would be the main coordination forum for all those departments who are working against this deadly disease, he stated.

Minister of State said a coordination and review committee would be formed under the supervision of Additional Secretary (CADD) to review the progress of this program. Mutual trainings regarding dengue awareness and prevention should be arranged for the technical and professional health staff of hospitals of Islamabad and Rawalpindi both, emphasized the minister.

There is a huge misquoting of the facts in media regarding dengue here, so a press conference/workshop would be arranged soon to clarify the media in this regard, media would be briefed about the working of different government departments’ for the dengue elimination , said the minister.

Further he added there is a huge difference between a suspect, probable and a dengue patient, all of them are not dengue infected patients as stated by the media. These are three different stages though which a dengue patient has been confirmed. Due to mistaking suspects and probable dengue patients as confirmed dengue patients, the total number presents an alarming picture of the situation which is very sad.

State Minister told that a comprehensive system has been devised not only to identify the patients but the prospective dengue risk areas as well. Proper counters have been established in hospitals in Rawalpindi and Islamabad both to verify the dengue patients, stated the minister.

Whenever a patient has been reported of a dengue suspect all his/her travel history has been taken to identify that where this person has carried over the disease from, tests and medications for the patients has been made sure, and fumigation in his/her area is immediately done in order to prevent it to be spreading further in the area.

Further he told that thorough inspection and risk mapping is done during the winter season and all the high risk areas including nullahs, gutters, parks, water leakages areas, tyres making areas, water tanks, and waste disposals are identified etc and then remedial measures are taken before the dengue season.

In the end minister of state said that Islamabad should be a role model for the entire country in elimination of dengue. He admired the efforts of Punjab Government who has been doing a tremendous job in eliminating this disease from its province completely. We should replicate the IT system of Punjab government for the dengue program, and should be benefitted from it as it is a successful case in Punjab, he said.

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