Minister rejects the allegations of federal government

December 14, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Advisor to the Chief Minister Sindh on Information, Moula Bux Chandio has refuted the allegations by leaders of opposition parties that Sindh Government was resorting to blackmailing the Rangers. He said that actually it were the opposition parties that are making the matters of Rangers’ extension as controversial by making unnecessary hue & cry. The Chief Minister Sindh has made it clear many times that the Sindh Government and Rangers were working together.

He said that in fact, the opposition leaders had not digested the achievements of PPP Government especially the maintenances of law & order in the Karachi by Sindh Police with the help of Rangers and they are continuously trying to create misunderstanding, uncertainty and making hue & cry and issuing rhetoric and provoking statements only to serve their narrow interest as they have no interest with Rangers’ extension. However, the Sindh Government was determined to go ahead as per law.

He said that it was on the record that achievements in respect of maintenances of law & orders go to the credit of PPP Government and the same had never been earned by other Governments in the Past. Similarly no Government in the past had strengthened, equipped and encouraged Sindh Police and established its liaison with Rangers as done by the present Government. It was PPP Government that not only raised the salaries of the Police Personnel but also raised compensation to the heirs martyrs up to Rs.2 million. He said that these efforts had yielded result and now Karachi has become a peaceful city. He said that now the opposition parties are afraid of it especially after the results of Local Bodies Elections and they have came out against the legitimate Government with undemocratic and illegal actions. But the people of Sindh are best judge and they would never be hoodwinked.

While commenting on the statement by one opposition leader who termed to existing Sindh Assembly product of fake mandate, the Advisor said that the opposition leader had not only insulted the status of the august house and its all elected members but the people of Sindh as well. It was why the people of Sindh had always rejected them and voted to PPP. He said that PPP always respected the people mandate and has served them to their satisfaction. While referring to a statement in the media attributed to the Sindh Chief Minister about his comments on policy line of M.Q.M for Rangers extension, the Advisor categorically contradicted this news item and said that the Chief Minister Sindh had not issued such statement and it was quit baseless and fabricated one.