Minister: (Unsustainable consumption, production patterns risk environmental sustainability: Mushahidullah)

June 3, 2015 Off By Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah Khan has said that unsustainable patterns of consumption and production are one of the pre-dominant causes of the persistent deterioration of the environment, which pose a grave risk to the sustainability of the life on earth.

“However, we simply cannot afford anymore the waste of natural resources at any level. Because, the resources are fast diminishing because of their unsustainable use.

Yet, there is still time to transform the challenges of dwindling of the finite natural resources into opportunities, which will boost prosperous economies and a healthy planet for our generations to come,” the minister said in a statement released here on Thursday in the context of the World Environment Day being observed today (Friday).

The environment day is marked every year on June 5 across the world including Pakistan. The theme for this year’s environment day is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”, which highlights the core idea that personal responsibility each one of us bears for enabling inclusive and sustainable economic development while stabilizing and reducing the rate of resource use.

Mushahidullah Khan highlighted that the goal of sustainable development is to increase the quality of life for all people without increasing environmental degradation and without compromising the resource needs of future generations.

He said the present government is seriously committed to protecting environment and take care of its sustainability by all means. He said tackling environmental degradation that costs over $ 4 billion to the national exchequer annually will require collective efforts of civil society and every individual.

He said that Pakistan is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, particularly floods, cyclones, erratic rains, hailstorms, which can affect our ecosystems, biodiversity, agriculture and marine life. That is why we have put a climate change plan of action in place, to ensure that our environment remains healthy and sustainable for future generations, the minister added.

Federal Secretary of the Climate Change Ministry, Arif Ahmed Khan said that sustainable development recognizes that growth must be both inclusive and environmentally sound to alleviate poverty and build shared prosperity for people today and for future generations.

He urged the people and all members of civil society organizations, particularly media, to serve as catalysts of sustainable development and multi-stakeholder partnerships in support of environment solutions.