Minister visits National Library

September 9, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Minister of State Barrister Usman Ibrahim of Capital Administration & Development Division visited the “National Library of Pakistan” on Wednesday. Books are the best companions of the man, they don’t demand they don’t question they are there for you to cherish and learn from them, expressed the State Minister.

He said that there is no concept of studying without consulting libraries in the west but regrettably we don’t know the importance of reading in our country. On his visit, Minister of state liked the infrastructure, quantity and quality of books and the whole set up of Nation Library of Pakistan (NLP). He was impressed by seeing the number of visitors in the library.

Minister of state gave directives to the officials of the library to coordinate with schools and colleges as well to set up small libraries there.

Further he said that some schools might be used as public libraries for the general public after schools hours. Minister of state told that he used to send mobile libraries to outskirts of the cities for the masses when he was the provincial education minister of Punjab. He used to provide free PCs and books to the students in Punjab especially medical and engineering students, it was done in collaboration with the Punjab library foundation.

State Minister emphasized that such arrangement should be made here as well. We should follow Quaid e Azam Public library and Punjab Public Library in Punjab, they are providing great services to students especially prospective students of PhD and CSS, eulogized the Minister.

He said that 5 vans of community mobile library are sent to the rural side areas in FDE schools by NLP, it maintains its website which is easily accessible to anyone and form where catalogues of books can be accessed.

Best methods including lamination, micro filming and CD burning are being used to preserve rare books and manuscript, all the newspapers since 1947 are being preserved here which are readily available on demand, acclaimed the State Minister. Further he added that this library has been digitalized on modern lines which has made the life easy for many in the book world.

Minister of State said that NLP has been providing the best services but there is always a room for improvement everywhere. A proper children Library along with the library of an International Standard should be established in the Capital, said the minister. Moreover he assured that he would take up the matter of PC 1 of the Faiz Library in F10 with Planning Commission and problem of shortage of staff would be resolved soon as well.

Minister of state was briefed on the different functions of department of libraries, National Library of Pakistan including management of libraries under its administrative control, collection and preservation of national literary heritage, compilation and publication of the Pakistan national bibliography on annual basis, provision of reading and reference services to ministries, management of International Book Numbering (ISBN) agency of Pakistan and many more. It is commendable to see the number of libraries that are run by the NLP including Islamabad Public Library H9, Quaid Public library F9, Model Children Library, Islamabad community Libraries, said the State Minister.

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