Minorities express no confidence on government for their protection

August 17, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Feeling insecure in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province due to several killings of Sikh community, speakers of minorities expressed no confidence on government machinery, political and religious parties for their negligence non-Muslims’ issues.

“After constantly murdering of our people by unidentified armed me while the slain were busy in their work, all the people of Sikh community were confined to their homes because of complete insecure in provincial metropolis”, lamented the religious clerics of the Sikh community during a Seminar held here at a local hotel on Monday.

The seminar was organized by Commission for Peace and Minorities’ Rights (CPMR) with titled “Stop Violence Against Minorities” was participated in by dozens of Sikhs and members of CPMR Sardar Charan jeet Singh, Harun Sarb Diyal and a Christian. Close relatives of the affectees of different incidents including killings, kidnapping and others were also present on the occasion.

They said that though they did not migrate from neighbour country but belong to this soil for their forefathers and their elders had rendered sacrifices for Pakistan yet the minorities particularly Sikh and Hindus were considered as “Refugees” as compared to Christians.

They regretted that despite Constitution of the country guaranteed rights of minorities and their protection as well but unfortunately none of the governments preferred to implement it, which put life of the non-Muslims at stake and pushed them towards backwardness. However, they also showed regret on international human rights for their silence regarding worst conditions of the minorities in Pakistan.

“We are marginalized people as our ancestral property and holy places were occupied by land grabbers but the governments are not taking steps to retrieve them from the land mafia and return to the minorities”, Harun Sarb Diyal claimed.

They, therefore, appealed to international human rights organisations to put pressure on the Pakistani government to take measures for the security of the non-Muslims and European countries should also open their doors for the minorities so that they could migrate to the countries and stay their till complete normalcy in Pakistan. They added that they should be treated equally as they are Pakistani civilians.

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