Most websites of govt, private organizations insecure: Expert

November 24, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Most websites of major government and private organizations are insecure from hackers who can attack and deface them at any time, causing reputation and money losses.

“Ethical hacking is legal which can help organizations to secure their websites from hackers from the country or abroad,” said Abid Khan, a penetration tester at Pak Cyber Army, a forum working for website security of organizations free of cost, while addressing a seminar on Ethical Hacking, organized by PIMSAT-Institute Of Higher Education Karachi here on Tuesday.

He said that ethical hacking is legal which can help organizations to secure their website from hackers of the country or foreign besides saving the reputation of them. We are working to inform organizations to secure their websites and we give them expertise in this regard.

Khan said: “We have got accesses in several websites of some organizations and informed them about their weakness in the website security system. Some of them have improved their service and some also gave rewards to us, while others are still careless about their own website.”

He said that the websites of several universities and banks in Pakistan are still insecure and any expert hacker could penetrate those website and deface them. He said that IT experts in organizations should get certification in website developing, penetration, PHP, Java scrip and other web-based courses so as to secure their website.

He said that cyber crimes are on the rise across the world as even FBI, Google and yahoo websites had been hacked by hackers in the recent past. “The hacking of website of any organization shatters image of that organization, hence it will be good to hire expert IT professionals in the organizations. There should be no favoritism in the appointment of IT experts in government organizations,” he said.

He said that media could play vital role in raising knowledge about securing websites of organizations in Pakistan.

Mohammad Aamir, Incharge Admissions, PIMSAT and Mohammad Raza of Pak Cyber Army, were also present on the occasion.

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