Movement of 143 provocative speakers banned in Sindh

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KARACHI: The Home Department, Government of Sindh, keeping in view the prevailing law and order situation in Sindh, has restricted the following 143 provocative speakers in districts of Sindh for public safety and maintenance of public order in Sindh province.

According to notification, Molvi Abdul Hameed Lund belonging to District Khairpur affiliated with Deoband, Moulana Abdul Rahim Sikandari Deoband from District Sanghar, Moulana Abdul Qadir Rind Deoband from District Ghotki, Moulvi Abdul Hameed Solangi Shia District Hyderabad, Moulana Mohammad Saleh Shar Shia district Sanghar, Allama Ghulam Raza Rizvi Shia from Karachi, Allama Baqar Hussain Zaidi Shia from Karachi, Zakir Ghulam Hussain Solangi Shia district Larkana, Moulna Zaheer ul Hassan Afaqi Shia from Karachi, Muolana Asad Ali Shar Shia district Khairpur, Molvi Asad Raza Gadehi Shia district Dadu, Moulana Abdul Jabbar Hyderi Deoband district Khairpur, Allama Aurangzaib Farooqi Deoband from Karachi, Master Khadim Hussain Shia district Sukkur, Zakir Mohammad Saleh Shia district Khairpur, Zakir Abdul Momen Jafri Shia district Khairpur, Munir Hussain Hyderi Shia district Khairpur, Molvi Rafi ul Hassan Shia from Karachi, Molvi Abdullah Jarwar Shia district Sukkur, Senaor Dr. Khalid Mehmood s/o Ali Mohammad Haqani Soomro Sunni district Larkana, Hafiz Ali Akbar s/o Lal Bux Shaikh Qami Bralvi district Larkana, Syed Mazhar Sultan s/o Sultan Mohiuddin Bukhari Bralvi district Larkana, Moulana Abdul Qudoos Panhwr Deoband Naudero district Larkana, Molvi Riaz Hussain Sahto Shia district Khairpur, Molvi Idris Dahiri Sunni district Shahpur Chakkar district Sanghar, Syed Koral Shah S/o Syed Hussain Shah Shia district Kambar, Syed Taqi Shah s/o Syed Ali Akbar Shah Shia district Kambar, Molvi Ali Bux s/o Gul Mohammad Lashari Shia district Kambar, Molvi Abdul Rasheed s/o Bux Metlo Sunni district Qambar, Mian Atta Mohammad s/o Mian Abdul Hakeem Siddiqui Sunni district Qambar.

Hafiz Muneeb-u-Rehman Tunio Deoband district Qambar, Molvi Muneer Ahmed Panhwar Deoband district Qambar, Molvi Mohammad Siddique Mugheri Deoband district Qambar, Molvi Attaullah Magrio Deoband district Qamber, Molvi Manzoor Solangi deoband district Qambar, Hafiz Ali Nawaz Solangi Deoband district Qambar, Molvi Abdullah Shah Deoband district Sukkur, Molvi Habib Haider Deoband district Khairpur, Molvi Azizullah Bhayo Shia district Nuashehro Feroz, Molvi Zakir Faiz Mohammad Abbasi Shia district Larkana, Molna Aziz Ahmed Shah Amroti Deoband district Shikarpur, Molana Akram Arain Deoband district Shikarpur, Molana Mohammad Yousif Brohi Deoband district Shikarpur, Qari Mujeeb –ur- Rehman Deoband district Shikarpur , Molana Hizbullah Abro Deoband district Shikarpur, Molvi Mohammad Essa Mahar Deoband district Shikarpur, Moulana Abdul Razzak Mehko Deoband district Shikarpur, Moulvi Sikandar Dal Shia district Shikarpur, Molvi Himat Ali Shah Shis district Shikarpur, Molvi Mushtaq Ahmed Deoband district Shikarpur, Molvi Sardar Ali Shah Shia district Shikarpur, Arbelo Memon Shia district Shikarpur.

Dr. A.G. Ansari Deoband district Jacobabad, Hafiz Mir Mohammad Banglani Deoband Noor Bolan Hotel, Molvi Ali Hassan Burior Deoband Thul City, Engineer Javed Anwar Channa Deoban Thul City, Mazhar Ali Shah Naqvi Shia district Shikarpur, Molvi Saif Ali Domki Shia near Mamul Phattak, Syed Ahsan Ali Shah Shia Ghariabad, Band e Ali Jafri Shia Sheed Mohalah, Muolana Amir Ali Shah Bralvi Jamia Masjid Pir Bukhari, Molvi Abdul Raheem Pathan Deoband Jamia Masjid Pir Bukhari, Qari Shafi Mohammad Khoso Deoband Jamia Masjid Pir Bukhari, Movi Shamsuddin Bheri Deoband Jamia Masjid Pir Bukhari, Molvi Abduz Aziz Samejo Deoband Jamia Masjid Pir Bukhari, Abdul Fateh Khoso Deoband district Kashmore, Molvi Abdul Ramzan Mazari Deoband district Kashmore, Hafiz Mohammad Saleh Bhutto Deoband Miani.

Ahmed Din Mazari Deoband district Kashmore, Molvi Ghulam Mustafa Mavia Chachar Deoband district Kashmore, Hafiz Abdul Majeed Qadri Bralvi district Kashmore, Molvi Wali Mohammad Suhrinai Shia district Kashmore, Imdad Ali Golo Shia district Kashmore, Faiz Mohammad Pathan Shia district Kashmore, Bashir Ahmed Hyderi Shia district Kashmore, Nisar Ahmed Shaikh Shia district Kashmore, Qasim Ali Shah Shia district Kashmore, Zahoor Ahmed Lohar Shia district Kashmore, Abdul Fateh Badani Shia district Kashmore, Zulfikar Ali Shah Shia district Kashmore, Mashooque Ali Channo Shia district Kashmore, Zahid Hussain Ali Shah Shia district Kashmore, Allama Syed Ahsan Naqvi Shia Karachi, Molvi Habib ur Rehman Malkani Deoband district Dadu, Moulna Manzoor Ahmed Soomor Deoband district Naushehroferoze, Molvi Mohammad Azeem Mahessar Bralvi district Dadu, Molvi Mohammad Yousif Leghari Bralvi district Dadu, Moulana Nawazullah Brohi Deoband district Dadu, Moulana Mohammad Yousif Leghari Deoband district Dadu, Moulana Ghulam Rasool Khonharo Deoband district Dadu, Najmuddin Mujahid Leghari Deoband district Dadu, Aijaz Ahmed Siddiqi Deoband district Dadu, Moulana Mohammad Ishaque Khoonharo Deoband district Dadu, Moulana Mohammad Ayoub Chandio Deoband district Dadu, Hafiz Mohammad Amin Jamali Deoband district Dadu.

Hafiz Hajjan Leghari Deoband district Dadu, Molvi Mashooque Ali Channa Shia district Dadu, Syed Fida Hussain Shah Shia district Dadu, Molvi Qadir Bux Mari Shia district Shaheed Benazirabad, Mehdi Raza Chandio @ Sachal Shia district Dadu, Movi Ghulam Qambar Khoso Shia district Dadu, Molvi Abdul Sattar Farooqi s/o Rehmatullah district Badin, Molvi Badruddin s/o Mohammad Tharal Surhio Bralvi district Larkana, Molvi Mir Hassan Deoband district Qambar, Hafiz Gulzar Ahmed Chachar Deoband district Kashmore, Noor Muhamad Pitafi Deoband district Larkana, Moulanad Khalil Ahmed Deoband district Sukkur, Moulana Atta Mohammad Memon Deoband district Sukkur, Moulana Shuja Rasool Deoband district Naushahroferoze, and Moulanad Syed Hussain Shah Bralvi district Sukkur, has been restricted to enter in all districts of Sindh.

Molvi Wali Mohammad Chandio Deoband belonging to district Dadu have been restricted to enter all districts of Sindh except District Dadu. Moulana Abdul Rub Deoband belonging to district Khairpur, Moulna Mohammad Idrees Daheri Deoband Madressah Dar ul Uloom Hyderabad, Molvi Abdul Rahim Shar Deoband district Khairpur, Molvi Mohammad Hassan Langah Deoband district Naushehroferoze, Molvi Abdul Ghafoor Langah Deoband district Thatta, Moulana Abdul Hakim Nadeem Deoband district Sajawal, Moulana Mohammad Younus Deoband district Sanghar, Moulana Shafi Hussain Shah Shia from Karachi, and Zakir AShraf Hussain Shah Shia from Karachi have been banned to enter district Dadu.

Moulana Abdul Hakeem Mari Deoband district Hyderabad, Moulana Abdul Altaf Hussain Janwari Deoband district Dadu, Moulana Abdul Razzak Deoband district Larkana, Moulana Hakeemullah Deoband from Karachi and Moulana Abdul Ghafoor Qasmi Deoband district Sajawal has been banned to enter district Badin.

Moulana Abdul Razzak Hanfi Deoband from Karachi, Moulana Inayatullah Deoband district Khairpur, Moulana Saeed Ahmed Shah Deobnad district Hyderabad, and Allama Syed Ibrahim Hussain Abidi Shia from Karachi have been restricted to enter district Mirpurkhas.

Allama Syed Mohammad Ahsan Naqvi Shia from Karachi, Allama Shahnashah Hussain Naqvi Shia from Karachi, Moulana Mohammad Ahmed Ludhyanvi Deoband district Sukkur, Syed Tassaduq Hussain Naqvi Shia from Karachi/Lahore have been banned to enter district Hyderabad.

Allama Imran Abbas Kazmi Shia district Hyderabad and Moulana Sanaullah Hyderi has been banned to enter Sanghar and Mirpurkhas. Moulana Manzoor Hussain Solangi Shia district Khairpur has been restricted to enter Hyderabad and Larkana Divisions / Ranges and also district Sanghar and Shikarpur.

Moulana Mohammad Essa Samoon Deoband district Badin has been banned to enter Hyderabad, Matiari and Sanghar. Moulana Abdul Razzak Mekho Deoband district Larkana has been banned to enter Sanghar. Kamran Ahmed Deoband from district Hyderabad has been banned to enter district Matiari. While Agha Abid Ali Shah Shia district Hyderabad has been restricted to enter district Tando Muhamma Khan.

The notification added that in exercise of the powers conferred u/s 5(1) (a) and (c) of the Sindh Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, 1960, the Sindh government has ordered that the above said 143 provocative speakers would not travel, enter, reside or remain in mentioned districts of Sindh. The movement of the persons residing in the same districts will be restricted outside their residents and to deliver any speeches within their respective districts. The notification further added that this order shall remain in force for 60 days with immediate effect.

According to notification issued by the Home Department, the restriction has been imposed on the ground that there are reasons to believe that they will make inflammatory speeches or indulge in activities prejudicial to public safety and maintenance of public order in the other districts of Sindh and; that their speeches, presence or other activities may promote feelings to hatred and ill will among different sects professing different schools of thought and thus posing problem of maintenance of law & order situation. The notification further added that they are at liberty to prefer an appeal to the Government of Sindh against this notification.

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