Mulagori tribesmen constitutes group of volunteers to halt smuggling from Afghanistan

June 23, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Contrary to the Jamrud administration officials, the Mulagori tribesmen constituted a group of volunteers who on the very first day withheld a non-custom paid BMW car in Daulatkhel area of Mulagori tehsil to help stop smuggling from Afghanistan, sources said on Wednesday.

Residents of Mulagori tehsil including Waheedullah, Sabz Ali, Shakirullah and Arifullah, leading the volunteers’ committee, told reporters that they had informed the Mulagori administration officials that smuggling of different goods and vehicles are taking place through Mulagori area every night.

The residents accused that officials of the Jamrud and Mulagori tehsils were not taking interest to stop the unfolded smuggling of different items including non-custom paid vehicles.

“When failed to seek the administration support they found themselves compelled and constituted a committee of volunteers who would seize non-custom paid cars coming from Afghanistan”, said Shakirullah.

He said on Tuesday night at 9:25 pm they blocked the Shalman-Mulagori road at Daulatkhel area and stopped several non-custom paid cars coming from Shalman side of Afghanistan.

Arifullah said many cars went back while they reportedly withheld an expensive BMW car being smuggled to Peshawar via Mulagori and Jamrud route. He said that the car was shifted to nearby a village.

Sabz Ali said they stopped the smugglers along with their non-custom paid cars near Noor Khan Kor in Lwara Mina and requested them for their way back. Sabz Ali said they told the smugglers that onward they would not be anymore allowed to use Mulagori route for smuggling.

He said several of the alleged smugglers drove their cars back toward Shalman while one of the smugglers Shinwari refused and scuffled with them.

Ali said few residents were also injured in the scuffle that smashed front glass and headlights of the car.

The Mulagori residents accused that Jamrud, Landikotal and Mulagori administrations have their share in smuggling of different goods including non-custom paid vehicles from and to Afghanistan.

Waheedullah said five to fifteen non-custom paid vehicles each night cross their area and pay handful money to the Khasadars manning the checkpoints from Ghakhi to Jamrud. They said national exchequer receives million of rupees blow every day by the smuggling taking place via Ghakhi and Mulagori area.

They said that Khasadars at the Mulagori checkpost post and Shelman Ghakhi take huge amount of money from the smugglers for the non-custom paid car to enter into Peshawar district via Mulagori area.

Media reporters tried their level best to seek official version but in vain. However, political Naib Tehsildar Mulagori Asmatullah Wazir was later contacted who denied of such development. He said that few people on Tuesday night had blocked the road to record their protest against the severe power outages in Mulagori area.