Mumtaz Bhutto shocked over looting of Sindh ruthlessly

March 2, 2016 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Veteran politician and ex-Chief Minister Sindh, Mumtaz Ali Bhutto said on Thursday that his politics since the inception has been for securing the rights of Sindh for which Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had also promised in the 1940 Pakistan Resolution.

“We merged Sindh National Front (SNF) into Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) when our terms and conditions were accepted,” he said while addressing a public gathering in village Wasayo Jeho near Ratodero, which was organized by Abdul Waheed Jeho and Abdul Ghaffar Jeho. The residents of six villages participated in the gathering.

He said that they had not joined PML-N for jobs or high posts, but for the protection of Sindh’s rights, but when PML-N refused to comply with the commitments, Ameer Bakhsh Bhutto resigned from federal ministry and other SNF workers followed him and resigned as PML-N office-bearers.

Bhutto said the country’s wealth, specially in Sindh, was being looted, creating unbearable conditions in villages, towns and cities of Sindh, which are littered with garbage and shattered drains despite spending billions of rupees on them. Mumtaz quoted an example of education department as saying several fake employees were shown to have been recruited and their salaries were drawn, adding that education department stands completely badly affected. He said same is the condition of hospitals, police and other government departments where corruption is rampant since last eight years.

Bhutto said that Rangers, NAB and other relevant departments have been lately activated to curb corruption and that is the reason Zardari and his associates fled from the country, adding some of those who stayed back have been arrested and others are shedding tears.