NA: (Several projects initiated to cope with energy crisis: Kh Asif)

June 23, 2015 Off By Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Water and Power, Khawaja Mohammad Asif has said that no load shedding is being carried out during Sehr and Iftar timings, as per promise made by the Prime Minister.

Speaking in the National Assembly on Wednesday, he said the total generation currently stands at 13184 MW against the demand of 16645 MW. He said currently there is a gap of 3000 MW and in such a situation un-announced load shedding is not carried out.

He said that five hour load shedding is being carried out in the urban areas and eight hours in rural areas. He said the responsibility of providing electricity to consumers in Karachi rests with K-Electric.

He said 650 MW is being provided to the K-Electric keeping in view the difficulties of the people of the provincial metropolis. He however said that this private entity owes Rs 57 billion to Sui Southern, Sui Northern and the PSO.

The minister said the government has started several power projects to cope with the energy crisis. He said 14000 to 15000 MW of electricity will be added in the national grid by 2018.

1020 MW will be added to the system in 2015-16, 4692 MW in 2016-17 and 5142 MW in 2018. He said additional 3600 MW will be generated through LNG. He said contract for import of LNG with Qatar has not yet been signed but it will be below fourteen percent of the Brent. He assured that Pakistan will import the LNG at the lowest rate in Asia which will help save the country billions of rupees.

The minister said that massive investment is also being made to improve the transmission system in order to provide uninterrupted electricity to the consumers.

He said three grid stations of 500 KV and 11 grid stations of 220 KV are being set up in the country. He said the issue of power outages was created not by the present government but is the result of the criminal negligence of the previous governments.

Opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah regretted the loss of lives in Karachi caused by the severe heat-wave in Karachi. He said collective efforts should be made to address the problems of the people of Karachi.

Later, Naveed Qamar of PPP began debate on the motion of electricity crisis. He said government should seriously address the issue of load shedding throughout the country including Karachi where the severe heat-wave has so far claimed the lives of 1250 people. He said the concerned authorities should take necessary action against the K-Electric for failing to provide electricity to its consumers.

Assad Omer of PTI said the government has failed to deliver on its promises regarding power sector reforms. He said professional and honest people should be deputed to bring improvement in the sector. He said the federal government should pay attention to resolve the issue of power outages in Karachi at a time when city has hardly been hit by harsh weather conditions.

Abdul Rashid Godil said that Karachi is economic hub of the country and federal government cannot remain oblivious to its problems. He regretted the prolonged power outages in different cities and asked the government to find permanent solution to the power crisis.