NAB (KP) arrests Mohammad Hassan for fraud

October 12, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa today arrested Mohammad Hassan, private person allegedly involved in fraud / embezzlement of funds in Housing Uniform Assistance Subsidy Project (HUASP) for Bajour Agency and looted / embezzled more than 40.00 Million of rupees fraudulently.
As per Details, under the Housing Uniform Assistance Subsidy Project the Government of Pakistan with the assistance of USAID paid compensation to internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) whose houses had been damaged in the Military Operation against the miscreants.
Under the project Rs.400, 000/- were paid to each individual whose houses had been completely damaged, while Rs.160,000/- were paid to owners of the partially damaged houses. Total payment of almost 2.5 Billion rupees was made under the project to almost 10,000 affectees of Bajur Agency.
During the Course of inquiry it was revealed that the accused Mohammad Hassan with the connivance of FDMA officials included fake/ineligible persons in the payment lists. Bank record of the accused shows that all the payment of 100 of these ineligible persons has been hoarded in the accused’s account, which indicates that the accused was the actual beneficiary while the bank accounts of these individuals were only used to benefit himself and officials of FDMA.
It merits mentioning here, Arshad Khan Ex-Director General FDMA and Irfanullah Assistant Director FDMA had already been arrested in the instant case.
NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa actively perusing the case and more alarming facts are expected to come forth in the scam. The accused will be produced before Accountability Court Peshawar for obtaining his physical remand.