Naegleria fowleri claims 13 lives this year so far

October 26, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Director Health Karachi, Dr Zafar Ejaz on Monday said Naegleria fowleri claimed 13 lives in Sindh province in 2014, while a patient is under treatment in a hospital.

He said out of total 13 deaths occurred from Naegleria in the province two were reported from interior Sindh including Nawabshah and Hyderabad, respectively.

He said similarly 12 Congo fever cases were registered so far out of which a death was confirmed on 20th August and a suspected death was reported this year as his report was not received to him to know the actual cause of his death.

He said some suspect Congo patients are under treatment in different hospitals, while a few have already recovered from Congo fever.

Joint Executive Director, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Dr Seemin Jamali on Monday said two patients have been admitted in JPMC with Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), who are gradually recovering from the disease, while condition a woman suffering a hemorrhagic fever is cortical.

Dr Seemin said two patients suffering from Congo fever was admitted in hospitals, who are in stable condition now and both are recovering from disease gradually. She a young man, tailor by profession, who is suffering from Naegleria fowleri is also under treatment in her hospital.

She said the condition of a woman suffering from a hemorrhagic fever is critical. She said: “We are waiting for reports of this woman to confirm whether she is suffering from Congo fever or some other hemorrhagic fever.” She said a teenage boy was brought to the hospital in very critical condition with Congo fever about a month ago, who was recovered from the fever after proper treatment.

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