’Nations can be developed with education’

June 16, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The expansion, declination, progress and humility of nations depend on education and history is evident that such nations can be developed in the world with education.

These view were expressed by Prof. Dr. Azam Ali Khawaja, the former director, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, during his address to the students at seminar on Quality Enhancement Cell, held at Newports Institute of Communication and Economics.

On this occasion, Vice Chairperson Huma Bukhari, Rector Prof Dr. Abdul Rehman Memon, Registrar Salman, Dr. Anwer Irshad Burney, Dr. Mushtaque Ahmed and other faculty members were also present. Dr. Azam Ali Khawaja said it is fact that research is essential to travel the stair of education, therefore; Higher Education Commission is also emphasizing on research besides the education, so that the intellectualism could be developed among students.

The recent era and forthcoming era is of extreme challenges, therefore in the latest era of technology, beside the education, research is such weapon, which can be fought against each hardship. The Vice Chairperson of Newports Institute and the Director of QEC Huma Bukhari said: “We are concentrating on research for the performing of educational duties and our teachers are fully following the directives of Higher Education Commission, paying concentration on the growth of research and culture amongst the students, so that they can work for the development and prosperity of the country and nation.