Naudero faces cleanliness crisis

December 5, 2015 Off By Web Desk

NAUDERO: Despite having 170 male & female sanitation staff in Naudero its streets are filled with garbage and filth.

Only main roads are cleaned whenever MNA Faryal Talpur or PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari arrive here and then entire sanitation staff is deployed to perform their duties around their house or where ever they visit.

Anyone can find heaps of garbage lying everywhere in the streets, roads, bazaars, even in front of mosques and schools due to people suffer from diseases and allergic ailments.

The Naundero Sugar Mill owners have made the lives of the residents a living hell as its chimney keep of throwing ash particles because they are using rice husk instead of furnace oil for fuel causing serious environmental pollution.

Despite repeated media reports, the Environmental Protection Agency & other concerned departments have not take any notice which shows that owners are more powerful than the law of the land.

Overflowing sewerage lines have made the lives of the residents extremely worrisome and against there seems nobody to provide relief to the voters & supporters of the ruling class. Recently built drainage system is non-functional hence idle since its operation for which a high level inquiry must be ordered at once and the concerned officers & contractors be taken to task for their complete failure & negligence to save taxpayer’s hard earned money as mostly bazaars, roads & streets remain full of overflowing poisonous water and main sewerage drain remain choked because of its improper levelling.

The citizens have not so far seen the face of Chief Municipal Officer and nobody except the municipal staff knows when he does he arrive to perform his duties at the municipality and when he leaves the government office. The people have demanded that the CMO who is said to be close relative of Sindh Minister must be made regular & punctual for which he is paid from taxpayers’ money.