NED invents ‘smart drone’

October 13, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: A ‘Smart Drone’ has been invented by NED University of Engineering and Technology’s students that could save the lives of people during heat stroke, while saving the drowning people, helping after earthquakes, and also could be used in monitoring activities.

The smart drone project was presented by Department of Software Engineering’s students at ITEC Exhibition, organized by NEDUET’s Department of IT held at university’s premises.

Software Engineering Student Shayan Sinkander said that their smart drone project is almost complete. He said this drone could perform multiple tasks in air and water through its sensors.

He said the smart drone could fly in the air up to 70 meters that could provide information about the areas where heat stroke is possible via SMS to subscribers of information.

It could help in locating drowning people and could provide them air filled tubes so as to save their lives, he added.

Shayan said, it could check the humidity level of crops and spray pesticides.

The smart drone also can work during the disasters like earthquake; it could locate people under demolished buildings by using Infra Red Sensor so that precious lives could be saved, he said.

It could monitor rallies and inform about the suspicious activities by image processing and recognition through its algorithm program, he added.