NED Teachers demand solution to lingering issues

November 23, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: NED Teachers Association’s (NETA) President Dr Usman Ali Shah and General Secretary Dr Imran Aslam on Tuesday demaded of the government to address the issues of teachers pertaining to eastablishment of selection board, medical facilities, and group insurance.

They raised their issues in a meeting of general body of NETA held today at NED University of Engineering and Technology’s premises. In the meeting, faculty members shared their grievances and anxiety due to failure of administration in resolving the legitimate problems of the faculty. They said faculty is facing shear discouragement due to not convening selection board for last three years. Faculty is also deprived of medical facilities due to mismanagement. The deduction of group insurance is continuing without any assured coverage in case of any eventuality.

Dr Usman showed concern that the administration was not taking their demands seriously and was delaying resolutions of their problem.

In the end, NETA gave altimatem to university’s adminstration for resolving of its issues till 31 December 2015; otherwise circle of protest will be extended against the administration.