NED to resolve issue of employees’ insurance

March 8, 2016 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: NED University of Engineering and Technology’s Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Afzal Haque on Wednesday said that the group insurance issue, hanging between EFU and NED University’s administration since June 2013, will now be resolved within two weeks.

Dr Mohammad Afzal Haque said that long delay in resolving issue with EFU was only because they wanted to resolve matter in a way so that the maximum benefit goes to University’s employees as well as in the interest of the university as employees have been paying their group insurance premium every year to University and University had stopped it giving to Insurance Company since 2013 on some genuine reasons but it is in safe hands which will be returned to them soon.

Prof Afzal said he already had formulated a committee on this issue to resolve and the committee had taken two weeks more to come up with solutions but it would be resolved anyhow at the end of March this year.

Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering Dr Sarosh Lodhi who is head of the committee formulated by VC to resolve issue between EFU and NED Administration, has also confirmed it by saying that they are committed to resolve issue with EFU within a week or two. He said they first would resolve the issues of those employees who were died on duty after 2013 since the university had stopped premium amount to EFU but the same amount was deducted from their salaries every month by University and they could not get benefit from the insurance yet.

Lodhi said they would talk with employees if they want to continue their group insurance or not and it anyone want to withdraw, he/she can do so.