Need stressed to ensure commuters’ safety

June 22, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Sindh Transport Department’s Secretary Taha Farooqui has said it is important for the Sindh Transport Department to ensure safe and secure transportation for commuters.

Talking to PPI, Taha said we don’t have issue with CNG use, but the unfit public transport vehicles are a grave threat to every commuter, so all stockholders should play their due role to implement the rules and regulations. He said OGRA had issued a new safety and security law and insisted transport department to implement them.

He said it is very important to ensure that gas cylinders, older than five years, are not fitted in public transport vehicles and it is the duty of CNG stations to refuses filling of such untested CNG vehicles.

He said it is dire need to raise awareness among the CNG users and commuters about expired CNG cylinders. He said untested gas cylinders are like live bombs, attached to vehicles which could explode any time.