Need stressed to establish more pedestrian bridges in Karachi

October 20, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Karachi despite being the largest city of Pakistan lacks number of pedestrian bridges required to safeguard citizens from road accidents. “The rising road accidents have become a cause for concern as many precious lives are being lost due to this reason,” two civil engineer experts told PPI here on Tuesday.

On the condition of anonymity, a senior civil engineer, who have worked for many projects in the city, told that two out of 13 proposed pedestrian bridges in the budget 2014-15 of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) had been cancelled due to technical issues and seven others completed, while funds allocated for the five were insufficient to get them completed this year.

Both the bridges that have been cancelled were proposed to be constructed on National Highway. One was scheduled to be constructed near Prince Aly Boys/ Girls School, Malir, and the other near Abbott Laboratory.

“Though there could be many locations that even a common man could point out that a pedestrian bridge is required here, but in front of every hospital and each end of a flyover, there should be a pedestrian bridge, which could rarely be seen in the city where a good enough number of flyovers have been constructed by the previous city government,” he said.

Talking about a pedestrian bridge on Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway Road, Senior Director Transport and Communication Department Muhammed Ather told that though the construction of pedestrian bridge near PAF Chapter School in Balouch Colony was not cancelled, but it was shifted away from the location on the same road due to the presence of extra high-tension wires near the school.

It has been learnt that this pedestrian bridge was a much needed project at the site as a large number of school children as well as their parents and other citizens have to cross the roads daily where heavy traffic ply posing threat to the lives of people. The road daily gets jammed in the morning and afternoon, specially due to unavailability of parking area with the school children start wandering as parents park their vehicles in front of the school on main road.

It was a Rs2.84 million project that had been approved for construction. However, it was later decided to be shifted because of no prior study on the project.

Ather said that however the project was in agenda to be constructed but there seemed no possibility because of presence of extra high-tension wires hanging low along the road that were a serious threat to the bridge and the shifting of the wires was not possible.

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