Need stressed to improve education system

August 27, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: There is a need to improve education system of Pakistan, said speakers at a workshop held by Dow University of Health Science (DUHS) at Ojha Campus Karachi.

Dr Iqbal Muhammad Chaudhry, Director, HEJ H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi speaking as the chief guest on the occasion emphasized the need to provide opportunities to the students of doing something for the nation. He also stressed to provide research facilities for the student and therefore students should be encouraged in the creativity.

Giving brief introduction on current education situation of Pakistan, he said that poverty, literacy is major problem of our nation. Utilization of the modern science technologies is the way forward. Science provides the foundation for credible decision-making. Only through adequate knowledge about the risks to human health and ecosystems, and innovative solutions to prevent pollution and reduce risk, can we continue to enjoy a high quality life.

Prof M Umar Farooq, Vice Chancellor, DUHS stressed the need to impart education, knowledge and skills to the student. Education is the base of the nations and everybody knows the importance of education, no nation can survive without quality or modern education, that builds the nations and become the cause of prosperity it gives the path that leads towards bright feature so every country’s education policy should be made according to the era time and situation our religion. Every child has the right to get basic education. He said that currently our country is decline and there is no one who has wisdom and vision to sever the nation. Dr Shaheen Sharafat, Director DDRL also spoke.

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