Need stressed to make media houses citizen-friendly

September 2, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: “The media sector in the country is blossoming day by day and in order to improve the working of media houses and to make them more citizen-friendly, there is a growing need to engage with journalists to discuss issues faced with them,” said Farhan Khalid of Individualland Pakistan, a research based advocacy and consultancy group based in Islamabad.

He was speaking at a roundtable discussion on media on Thursday at local hotel, which was attended by members of Parliament and media officials of Pakistan.

Senior journalist Mazhar Abbas said media need to make the law of defamation. He said there lack of such editors who take responsibilities. There is no trend of apologizing if any media outlet makes a mistake in the race of breaking the news first. He said members of assemblies could make media complaint centre with legislation which should be led by judges.

PPP leader Latif Mughal said journalists face the problem of unsecure jobs. They should be given permanent jobs.

PML- Functional leader Nusrat Sehr Abbasi said it is responsibility of the government to functionalize the PEMRA. She said the institutions of NAB and FIA are present here for a long time, but they are more functional now. She Sindh Assembly has make many laws, but failed to implement them.

The participants in discussion said the Electronic Media of Pakistan has witnessed an unhindered growth since its liberalization from the beginning of the new century. However, this unprecedented growth is often linked with a lack of journalistic ethics in the theory and practice of media houses.