Need stressed to protect marine life

June 7, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The Ocean is the largest ecosystem of the earth and its contribution towards human lift is enormous. The oxygen about 50% on the planet is produced by oceans.

These views were expressed by University of Karachi’s Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Ghazala H Rizwani in the seminar organized by KU’ Center of Excellence in Marine Biology in collaboration with UNESCO in connection with the World Ocean Day here on Monday at the campus.

Dr Ghazala added that it’s our moral responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of the marine life. Environmental pollution causes a major hazard on human health.

CEMB’ Director Prof Dr Pirzada Jamal Siddiqui said that Oceans are the largest natural resources; however, the major hazards to the marine life are pollution, over exploitation and different wastage of fuel drained into the ocean without any care.

He ocean research requires extensive resources as sadly there are only 4 research institutes on oceans and marine biology are working in Pakistan in comparison with 31 research institutes in India and 6 research institutes in Bangladesh.

Provincial Minister and former Member Syndicate of University of Karachi, Muzaffar Ali Shajra said that the safety of marine life has never been remained a priority by any government. Mangrove forests and the fisheries industries have been devastated.

He said: ‘We are very rich in natural resources but they are not used efficiently’.

Prof. Dr. Jamil Kazmi talked on the use of remote sensing and GIS in marine research. He said that remote satellite images can help in achieving greater objectives in shorter time.

WWF’ Technical Advisor Moazzam Ali said that oceans are the major source of income but the dwindling is destroying the valuable ecosystem. Fish livestock is facing severe depletion due to overfishing and malpractices of fishing, he added.