Need to clean area behind Sindh Secretariat

September 28, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The provincial government of Sindh has started a cleanliness drive in the province and spent millions of rupees for its advertising; however, the real face of this drive could be seen that even the street behind the Sindh Secretariat, the nerve center of Sindh administration, is littered with garbage and debris.

The street just behind the New Sindh Secretariat Building and Tughlaq House, is officially named Mohammad Hashim Gazdar Road, but it is communally called Gandi Galli or Katchra Kundi Wall Galli, as a big garbage dump is erected on it, just behind the offices of Local Government Department. The street is teemed with encroachments of vehicle mechanics, food vendors, printing presses and catering kitchens. The runners of catering kitchens tether their sheep and goat for slaughtering with the back wall of the New Sindh Secretariat Building. During Eid-ul Azha days makeshift camps are established for tethering the sacrificial animals behind the Tughlaq House building.

However, irrespective of the fact that it is Eid-ul Azha or not this street depicts a sorry picture of efficiency of the municipal officials. Even when the government of Sindh has started a cleanliness drive in the province, they have neglected this area in the backyard of its own secretariat. It is direly needed that this busy street is cleared of all sorts of encroachments from its footpaths. A big garbage dump on it should be shifted, or at least its opening towards the Tughlaq House direction be closed and new opening be made on the side street, running parallel with a gutter water Nullah.

Just a few weeks before several tons of garbage and debris had virtually blocked the flow of traffic on this streets and this garbage was lifted due to the personal efforts of Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui. However, soon after lifting of this garbage, more garbage is piled up on this street, including the dung of animals, giving it a sorry look. The chief secretary and the local government secretary should personally visit this street or send their officers and order lifting of garbage, removal of encroachments and junk vehicles, and shifting of its garbage dump on priority.

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