Negligence of Preedy traffic zone irks citizens

November 30, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The commercial area of Regal Chowk depicts the worst violations of traffic rules in Karachi only due to negligence of Preedy traffic zone that has failed to implement ’24-hours no parking’ in this busy area.

Though the traffic police have erected the signboards of ‘tow-away area: 24-hours no parking’ in Regal Chowk area but still vehicles are seen illegally parked directly beneath these signboards, which is not only a mockery of law, but also a question mark on the performance and impartiality of the traffic police of Preedy Traffic Zone.

It is an open secret that owners of shops in Regal Chowk area do not want this area be made no-parking zone and some black sheep in traffic police are hand in glove with these people. However, the commuters, motorists and pedestrians suffer a lot due to these gross traffic violations, especially regarding illegal and wrong parking.

In past the two-way road of Regal Chowk was made one-way to ensure smooth flow of traffic, but this extra space is being used by the shopkeepers and their buyers who park their vehicles wrongly here, hindering the smooth flow of traffic.

Recently, it was decided in a high-level meeting in present of Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Siddiqui that another traffic zone, named Saddar Traffic Zone with its office in CDGK Parking Plaza Saddar would be created to deal with the gross violation of traffic rules in Saddar, but this decision is yet to be implemented.

New Preedy Street has been facing severe traffic jams as hundreds of pushcart vendors have occupied both sides of the road up to car parking plaza building

To ensure smooth traffic flow in Regal Chowk and Saddar area it is necessary that this area be truly made a no-parking zone and the ‘tow-away area: 24-hours no parking’ rule must be implemented in Regal Chowk area in the larger public interest.