Nine murders case: Six get death sentence; one awarded life-term

June 9, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KHAIRPUR: Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) on Wednesday awarded death sentence to six convicts and life imprisonment to one other in nine murders case.

ATC Khairpur Judge Kausar Ali Bukhari announced the judgment in view of evidences and witnesses presented before it in the case, awarding death sentence to six convicts – notorious criminal Saeed Ahmed Narejo, Ubedullah Narejo, Sher Narejo, Abdul Qayoom Narejo, Sharif Narejo, and Rahseed Narejo. However, the court awarded life-term to accused Rab Nawaz Narejo.

According to prosecution, the men were accused of attacking laborers with rocket launchers and other arms over a land dispute near village Khat Narejo within the jurisdiction of Gamabt police station in 2006 , resulting in killing of nine labouerers – Naimatullah, Ghulam Abbas, Irfan, Nadeem, Zulfiqar Ali, Mohammad Essa, Mohammad Ishaq, Mohammad Bachal and Rajab Ali.