No HIV/AIDS treatment center for children in Larkana

June 7, 2015 Off By Web Desk

LARKANA: There is no HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Center in Larkana for child patients despite the fact that the number of patients has risen to over 20.

Most of such patients are also suffering from Thalassemia, reliable sources revealed to PPI on Monday. These sourced added there is no Viral Load Test for HIV/AIDS adult patients here as Treatment & Care Center is already working. As a result, all these patients have to go to Karachi for such important test which costing them extra.

According to experts, this test is vital because from this test their treatment is assessed whether it is proper or not or the treatment is effective or they should change it. About 900 HIV/AIDS adult patients have so far been registered at this HIV/AIDS Treatment & Care Center working in Larkana for adults and all drugs are being provided to the affected people without above test, but Paeds Center is essentially required to be established immediately.

Two doctors have already been trained by National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) Islamabad in this field which include Prof Abdul Hameed Shaikh and Dr Hassan Chandio. There is no Sexually Transmitting Infections (STI) clinics separately for male and female patients as it is practically not working but it is mentioned on the website of Sindh AIDS Control Program (SACP) which should also be made functional for the benefit of the poor patients.

The people have also demanded that since the number of Intravenous Drug Users (IDUs) of HIV/AIDS is on massive scale in Larkana but there is no detoxification and rehabilitation center for drug users which must also be established, otherwise this dreaded disease will continue to spread without any hurdle. The citizens have demanded to stop sale of intoxicated drugs throughout the district which has ruined future of many families as their youngsters fall prey to easily available contraband things here.