Obesity root cause of all diseases

October 25, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Prof Shabeen Naaz Masood on Monday revealed that an estimated 20 percent population of Pakistan is obese or overweight. Overeating and less physical activity are the major factors behind the sharp rise of obesity cases in our society.

This she said while addressing a press conference held at Karachi Press Club in connection of World Obesity Day, being observed every 26th October. Prof Dr Tahir Hussain and Consultant Dietitian Dr Saima Rasheed were also present.

Prof Shabeen as per National Health Survey and World Health Organization (WHO) 20 percent population of Pakistan is overweight or obese. She said the obesity cases are sharply rising across the world. She informed that American Medical Association has declared obesity as a disease recently, as earlier overweight or obesity was not considered a disease.

She said ratio of obesity in women is higher in Pakistan as compared to men. She said obesity poses a major risk for serious diet-related non-communicable diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke, cholesterol, sterility, kidney diseases and certain forms of cancer.

Prof Dr Tahir Hussain said the obesity is root cause of all diseases. He stressed the need of adopting preventive measures to avoid the diseases. He said overeating, less physical activity and genetic problems are major factors behind rise in obesity cases in our society.

He informed that about 350 million people die from obesity across the world every year. He stressed the need of creating awareness among general public about obesity and its complication.

Consultant Dietitian Dr Saima Rasheed said about 115 million obese people are living in under-developed countries. She said by promoting & adopting healthy lifestyle we can combat the obesity and its complications.

She advised the people to avoid junk foods and soft drinks to prevent obesity. She said balanced diet and exercise are main treatment regimes for overweight or obese people.