Open manhole death trap for bikers

September 13, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: An open manhole on New Preedy Street just opposite the car parking plaza building of KMC is a grave threat for bikers, but the municipal authorities have yet to change it, despite it has causes many traffic accidents.

Residents of this area and users of New Preedy Street complain that main gutter line running parallel to CDGK car parking plaza has been overflowing for last more than two years, but despite several complaints and media stories this simple issue is yet to be resolved. Moreover, the cover of manhole in front of this building has been missing for long but not yet replaced. Bikers fell into this open gutter almost on daily basis, but the concerned officers do not take any action. Shopkeepers of nearby market put empty fruit crates or other junk over the open gutter to warn motorists and bikers, but accidents occur when these warning signs are missing.

Local residents say the cover of manhole was replaced in past, but its quality was so poor that it went broken soon. They said it require some better quality cover to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles.

The chocked gutter line has already damaged road and footpath. Nearby illegal car washing facilities, washer men shops and tea stalls are mainly responsible for chocking of this gutter line and action may be taken against them to end this menace.

The resident of the area and the user of this road have requested the authorities to immediately cover the open manhole, repair the chocked gutter line and damaged potion of road and footpath. They regretted that lives of motorists particularly bikers are at risk due to the open manhole on this very busy road and the problem need to be resolved on urgent basis.