Opposition leader blames govt for neglecting flood preparedness

September 21, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Leader of opposition in Sindh assembly Mohammad Shehryar Mahar questioned the steps taken by Sindh government, after experiencing a bigger flood in 2010, before the recent flood and said Sindh government was crying foul to hide its negligence.

“Pakistan People’s Party has been ruling over Sindh since 2008. The recent flood is less than 0.4 million cusecs, while barren lands need 0.6m cusecs so that these lands could be fertile for the next three years for better crops. Due to lack of water the level of water table reduces and salinity comes up. However, this flood is a gift from God to the people of Sindh which is being wasted by the rulers because of their irresponsible behaviour. Had they been prepared for the flood earlier and took steps for better utilizing the flood water, it would have be enough for growing crops for years,” he said.

Mahar said that the department of irrigation was given Rs12billion in budget and Rs2 billion more for floods; however, nobody knows where the money was spent. It might have been spent in documents. When Sindh gets flooded the rulers become happy that a new budget would be added to their account.

He said if the budget was audited honestly then it would become clear where we stand in corruption and bad governance. Gallop and Transparency International in their reports had said that Sindh was at the top in corruption among other provinces of the country. He said it would also not be an exaggeration to claim that we had already defeated Somalia and Nigeria in corruption.

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