Orientation workshop for district nazimeen held

October 4, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Two-day orientation workshop for district Nazimeen Local Governments (LGs) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa kicked off in Peshawar attended by 22 district Nazimeen representing districts elected. Senior Minister Local Government, Elections and Rural Development (LGE&RD)Inayatullah Khan inaugurated the workshop.

Minister for Higher Education, Information and Public Relations Mushtaq Ghani also addressed the session attended by Minister Finance Muzaffar Said, Chief Secretary Amjad Ali Khan, Secretary LGE&RD Department Hammad Owais Agha, senior officials of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government and International Organizations and media.

With a technical support from Sub-National Governance (SNG) Program, the LGE&RD Department arranged the workshop to train elected District Nazimeen on Local Government system, rules and procedures.

While congratulating the Nazimeen of LGs on their election Inayatullah Khan emphasized on Nazimeen to take their election as an opportunity to better serve the people who have shown great trust and confidence in them.

“The people have chosen you as their representatives by entrusting their full confidence in you and indeed this is a great honour and privilege. The people have done their work and now it is your responsibility to leave no stone unturned to serve the people in your respective areas”, said Inayatullah Khan.

“Since we have embarked on the journey and want the system to succeed with greater spirit. We want the problems of the people solved, better education and health facilities made available, corruption eradicated and government activities streamlined ultimately making the people prosperous”, said Senior Minister.

Referring to Nazimeen LGs, Senior Minister said 30% extra developmental funds will be available to you compared to past and this means extra responsibility on you for taking necessary measures as per P&D guidelines which are prepared and available to you.

“Use technology – do need assessments and set your priorities and make your own developmental plan and as per wishes of the people in your area and then discuss it in the council and get it approved for implementation. I recommend keeping a balance among different sectors for designing the developmental plan putting the basic education and health on priority” said Senior Minister.

The Minister for Information Public Relations and Higher Education Mushtaq Ghani thanked the participants for attending a very important event arranged to train Nazimeen LGs. “Holding Local Government Election was a great milestone we have achieved except that we had many issues including tough security arrangements in the province. We promised to devolve powers to lower tiers through Local Government and we did it for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

The world has acknowledged the legislation we made in the province and we have made you and ourselves accountable to the people of the province which has been done nowhere. The provincial government will ensure good governance in the province through better services and transparency with no political interference in bureaucracy”, said Mushtaq Ghani.

The Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Amjad Ali Khan said that the Provincial Government has decided to make all transfers on non-political basis on province as well as on district level. “To make local authorities accountable to public and ensure efficient service delivery you have to play a very key role in streamlining things on district level. We have prepared efficient monitoring system which will monitor delivery of services and activities on district level as well. There will be clear rule of business for every kind of activities on district level”, said Amjad Ali Khan.

We are thankful to the political leadership for providing base for local government system through legislation. We are in the process of preparing Rule of Business and other rules for effective implantation of the LG system”, said Secretary LGE&RD Department, Jamal Uddin Shah.

“You have to develop extra ordinary efficient development plans for the system to show greater impacts and people see the results. We assure you of every kind of cooperation in this regard and this session has provided us an opportunity to discuss issues and sort out solutions together”, said Secretary LGE&RD Department emphasising on Nazimeen.