Painting exhibition by Khusro

Karachi: Grand opening of Paintings Exhibition of titled “Flight to Enlightenment” by International Renowned Artist Khusro Subzwari to be held on Wednesday at Z Gallery Dubai, UAE.

Besides the homeland groups and solos, Khusro has participated in numerous different International exhibitions in Istanbul and London and UAE. He also has exhibited and represented ‘Pakistan’ solely, in the International Art Fair in Lugano, Switzerland, in Nov 2012.

‘Khusro’s Whirling Dervishes’, the main theme, based on Maulana Rumi’s verses, is totally an embodiment of inspiration that derives from Rumi’s poetry on Spirituality and Love.

He started romancing the theme starting from his Istanbul exhibition visit, in 2011. ‘Sema’ sessions and the aura of spirituality surrounding the whirling dervishes, highly touched his sensitivity, and thus awakened the sense significantly.

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