Pakistan extends full support to Elections in Afghanistan

Islamabad: On 14 June , the people of Afghanistan would be going to polls in the second round of Presidential elections. As we have stated before, these elections are a milestone in the democratic journey of the Afghan people and We congratulate the government and people of Afghanistan on this achievement.

”We reiterate that these elections are an Afghan affair, with the Afghan electoral institutions in the lead. They bear a heavy responsibility, and we wish them well in accomplishing their task successfully.

We also hope that the voters would once again demonstrate their firm resolve and exercise their right to determine their future through democratic means, in an optimal way”,said a spokesman of the FO in a statement on Thursday.

For its part, Pakistan remains committed to supporting all efforts for a free and peaceful electoral process. On the eve of the first round on 5 April 2014, Pakistan had taken special steps to beef up security along the border.

Our authorities are taking additional measures for the second round of elections, including by retaining additional troops for this purpose. The measures include enhanced vigilance and security along the border, enhanced patrolling in close border/border crossing areas, enhanced checking by immigration staff, enhanced communication through existing coordination and cooperation mechanism, and availability of hotline contact with Afghan counterparts.

Pakistan sincerely supports the cause of strengthening of democracy and peaceful democratic transition in Afghanistan. It is our earnest hope that the Afghan nation would emerge stronger and more unified at the culmination of these elections.

As a close neighbour and fraternal nation, Pakistan stands committed to supporting the Afghan people in every possible way in their quest for peace and progress.

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