Pakistan has no institute to check unfit vehicles: moot told

June 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: There is no any institute to check unfit vehicles in Pakistan. Sindh Urban Transportation Project for vehicle fitness will be given to a private company to implement the rules and regulation issued by Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and Supreme Court directives. A campaign will be commenced by Sindh Transport Department from 19 June 2015 to visit all CNG pumping stations so as to stop use of substandard gas cylinders in the vehicles.

This was stated by Sindh Transport Department’s Secretary Taha Farooqui while addressing a one-day workshop on Safety Rules and Procedures of CNG Transport, organized by Pakistan Sustainable Transport Sindh Project in colliberation with CNG Stations Owners Associations of Pakistan and CNG Dealers of Pakistan at a local hotel on Wednesday evening.

CNG Station Owners Associations of Pakistan’s Chairman Malik Khuda Bux, SIU Sindh PAKSTRAN’s Manger Yar Mohammad, NED University’s Urban Infrastructure and Transportation Department’s Prof Dr Shabar Ali, Federal Ministry of Communications’ Director Hamid Akhtar and others attended the program.

Taha said it is important for the Sindh Transport Department to ensure safe and secure transportation for the commuters. He said three projects had been approved by Sindh government to improve urban transport system. He said Yellow Line, Red Line and Orange Line bus services will be started in Karachi soon.

He said the traffic signals should be installed to check traffic jams. He said Sindh Transport Department has been given another responsibility to check the vehicle fitness and issue fitness certificates since December 2014. He said we have planned to work on this project thorough public-private partnership as we lack required expertise.

Taha said we don’t have issue with CNG use, but unfit vehicles are threat to every commuter, so all stockholders should play their due role to implement the rules and regulations. He said OGRA had issued a new safety and security law and insisted transport department to implement them.

Malik Khuda Bux urged Sindh government to reduce the CNG load shedding in Sindh province, as the province is producing 71% of gas. He said CNG stations are unable to implement laws regarding expired gas cylinders in vehicles due to rush of vehicles, but it is very important to ensure that gas cylinders, older than five years, are not fitted in public transport. He said it is dire need to raise awareness among the CNG users and commuters about expired CNG cylinders. He said untested gas cylinders are like live bombs attached to vehicle which could explode any time.

Dr Shabar said they are holding a study at NED University of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with the transport department to improve this sector.

He said they are focusing on three main components of transportation policy including affordability, effectiveness, and environmental safety.

National Forum for Environment and Health President Naeem Qureshi also spoke.