Pakistan suffers heavy losses due to energy wastage

October 24, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan has been suffering from heavy losses due to huge wastage of energy, as the privatized electricity companies in the third world countries including Pakistan have been playing the role of modern tribute-collectors of the imperialistic emperors of the modern world instead of serving the masses of these countries.

However, the government of Pakistan could save trillions of rupees by improving energy supply system, curtailing line losses and power theft and stopping exploitation of electricity consumers by profit hungry power mafia in Pakistan.

Improvement in energy generation, distributing and marketing has been pending in Pakistan for many decades and it is high time that the government should give a serious attention to this neglected sector.

However, a trader and Chairman of the United International Group Mian Shahid suggested that smart meters can help the government save Rs 4 trillion in line losses, wastage in theft of energy.

He said smart meter are used in dozens of countries to discourage overbilling, theft of electricity, gas and water, therefore the same could be applied in Pakistan.

These meters can help utilities stand on their feet to reduce loadshedding, cut operational costs and ensure profit to clip circular debt which will revive economy of the country providing jobs to millions and increasing government’s revenue, he said.

Mian Shahid said that smart meters settle the issue of estimated bills reducing electricity and gas bills and more efficient operations by distribution companies.

These meters will eliminate the need of meter readers while the energy companies will have a more accurate picture of the situation.

Around Rs360 billion are wasted annually in power sector while gas worth Rs 40 billion and water worth billon is wasted which can be contained.

Smart meters have helped cut water losses by half from 700 million litres per day to 350 million litres in Mumbai and same can be done in Karachi where industrialists pay billion to taker operators, says Mian Shahid.